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One-stop Procurement Service

There are three subordinate companies of SANDE Group, which are Luqian Abrasive Materials, Hongda Abrasive Materials and Sande Grinding Materials.

Luqian Abrasive Materials is responsible for brown fused alumina smelting. The smelted products are then transported to Hongda Abrasive Material and Sande Grinding Material to be crushed and processed. A majority of abrasive material products are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, etc. The remaining products are to be used as raw materials for our own production of grinding wheels. From the smelting of raw material to the finished grinding wheel products, all the products are in strict technical supervision of our quality inspection department. Therefore, we assure to provide products with stable quality.

SANDE Group has abundant products and almost 20 years experience in abrasive materials industry. Our high quality products are applicable for fire resistant materials, sand blasting, polishing, vitrified grinding wheels, resin grinding wheels, etc. We also offer one-stop procurement service to our highly regarded customers according to different purchasing requirement.

Main Products
    1. White Fused AluminaWhite fused alumina consist of high grade aluminum that is processed through an electric furnace at high temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees centigrade. The resulting product retains superb purity and is extremely resilient to deformation as well as acids and alkalis. In contrast with brown fused alumina, the white version possesses higher levels of hardness but lower tenacity. Apart from being used for the grinding...
    1. Green Silicon CarbideOur green silicon carbide strictly adheres to FEPA specifications for bonded F8- F2000 and coated P12-P2500. A product of high purity materials and salt additives, the carbide is forged through a resistance furnace at an approximate temperature of 2200℃. The resulting product is a semi-conductor with excellent thermal conductivity. Appearing as a dark green translucent hexagonal crystal...