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The cup shaped grinding stone consists of either black or green silicon carbide as the prime ingredient. By utilizing high grade resin as the resin bonding, we have crafted an exceptional grinding stone that possesses a unique outward appearance. It is capable of grinding granite, marble, natural stone, artificial stone, concrete, glass, brick, and other similar materials. Our environmental friendly grinding stone series includes four different models, the C/GC120TB, C/GC36LB, C/GC36LB, and C/GC80TB. Take the C/GC120TB for example, it has a cup like appearance, utilizes green silicon carbide as its prime ingredient, and retains a mesh of 120 for that ingredient. In fact, it is known to possess the highest mesh within this series, with relatively smaller grains of green silicon carbide, making it ideal for fine grinding purposes. The hardness rating for this model is classified as T. It has an outer diameter of 4 inches and an inner diameter of 5/8-11 inches. All models within the series operate at 50m/s. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the outer diameter, the lower the overall RPM.

Type T6
Shape Cup-shaped
Material Silicon carbide
Color Green color & black color
Harness L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T
Size 4"x2"x5/8-11; 5 "x2"x 5/8-11
Packaging Inner box and out carton
Delivery About 30 days after receipt the down payment
Metric System Specification M/S RPM
4x2x5/8-11 C/GC120TB 50 9375
5x2x5/8-11 C/GC36LB 50 7692
3x2x5/8-11 C/GC60TB 50 12500
2x2x5/8-11 C/GC80TB 50 18700

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