Stone Offset Grinding Wheel

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Stone Offset Grinding Wheel

This grinding wheels used for grey cast iron ,non ferrous metals ,non ferrous alloy, concrete, and natural and artificial stones.

This stone offset grinding wheels are produced by grade A Silicon carbide . It can grind stone very rapidly and long life. This grinding wheels produced with 3 fiber nets ,the back side with black paper ,we may produce the red color and black color.

Our stone offset grinding wheels conforms to MPA certificate and we may do OEM services .

Technical Specifications of the Grinding Wheel

Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland) Brand Name: Sande Model Number: 427C2306022
Shape: Depressed Center Abrasive: Silicon Carbide Bonding Agent: Resin
Hardness: R Viscosity: BF Size: 230*6.0*22.2mm
Size: 230*6.0*22.2mm Abrasive Material: Black Silicon Carbide Type of Wheel: Type 27
Bonding Agent: Resin Hardness: R Viscosity: BF
Max RPM: 6600 /min Max Speed: 80 m/s Certification: MPA
HS code: 6804221000

Packaging Details: GW/NW: 16/15 kgs, size of carton: 24*24*23mm. Delivery is approximately 35 days after confirmation.

SANDE is a specialized grinding stone, cup grinding wheel manufacturer based in China. We also provide abrasive material, grinding wheel, cut off wheel, and much more.

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